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Dedicated in loving memory of
Ruby Gasaway


"Let Your Talents Shine Like A Ruby!"

To encourage talented individuals to acknowledge, understand, hone and share their gifts with the world!

Services Offered:
Everyone knows that no event is complete without oustanding entertainment. That's where KymBerli comes in!  Who is KymBerli?
She is an internet and locally known vocal sensation with nearly 20 years of entertainment skills under her belt! KymBerli specializes in R&B, jazz, neo-soul and contemporary gospel sounds, hostessing, acting and comedy.. KymBerli is always available for your entertainment needs! Whether you're having a church social, school fundraiser, festival,
family reunion, talent show or for just any occassion, KymBerli will give you quality entertainment at affordable pricing! Make your next event a memorable one by booking KymBerli!

Ruby Talent Productions is a newly founded entertainment company started by KymBerli in 2011.The company was named after KymBerli's Grandmother, Ruby Mae Gasaway. Her Grandmother was a woman of great faith and love and taught KymBerli to trust God and to never give up on her dreams of singing and acting.

On Christmas Day of 2010, KymBerli's Grandmother came to visit her home, along with the rest of her family. Everyone ate dinner and fellowshipped like all families do on holidays. Upon the ending of the dinner and everyone returning to their homes, KymBerli's Grandmother asked her for a ride back to her home. KymBerli, her daughter Hillary, Her Mother Autherine and Grandmother Ruby piled up in the car to get her home. During the ride, KymBerli's Grandmother looked at her and said, "I hope you have not given up on your dream of singing." KymBerli replied, "No, Mu, I haven't... It's just been hard to really devote time to it cause of my work schedule. I have so much going on." Her Grandmother said, "Nothing is more important than following your dreams. Make time for your dreams... You have too beautiful of a voice to sit on your talents!" That was Christmas Day of 2010... Grandmother Ruby went home to be with the Lord in February of 2011...

Those words resonated in KymBerli's spirit... Why? Because deep inside, KymBerli had given up. She had allowed negative thoughts and negative people to supercede what God had already put in her and what she knew she was destined to do.
RUBY TALENT PRODUCTIONS is about finding your gift and once it's recognized, share it and bless others with it! KymBerli's goal is to let other gifted individuals know that sometimes you may get discouraged and even a little "side swiped" here and there, but NEVER lose focus of the plans God has for you!!!

KymBerli Dee was born Kimberly Denise Quillian in Atlanta, GA. Her gift of singing was discovered at the tender age of 2, when her Mother, Autherine Quillian, heard her singing "Thriller" by Michael Jackson in their car. Her Mom then knew KymBerli's true calling would be to sing!

At age 8, KymBerli began singing lead in the youth choir at First Church of Christ Deliverance. There, she helped coordinate all of the youth events and activities.
When KymBerli turned 13, she joined a 2 year established female hip-hop group named "Mix Match". She was in the group only 6 months and soon became the lead voice. The group performed in many venues throughout Atlanta. Their most successful was the "Sweet Auburn Festival" in 1993.

To enhance KymBerli's talents and skills, her Mother enrolled her in the Dekalb Center for the Performing Arts at Avondale High school. KymBerli was trained in several Performing Arts areas such as dance, vocal, drama, improv, screenplay writing and directing. And she received her vocal coaching from the world renowned vocal trainer, Robin Brown.

During her teen years, KymBerli performed in several showcases in and out of town including "The Ci'nique Artists Development Showcase", "The AllStars Talent Showcase" and "The American Talent Showcase", held in Charlotte, North Carolina. In all shows KymBerli won first place with her powerful vocals and acting skills!

KymBerli was also a featured guest vocalist, in the "New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival" in 1999. As KymBerli's singing career took a more professional direction, performing at numerous events and arenas, she was asked to sing for many political figures in Atlanta. She has performed for Cathy Cox, the late Lou Walker, Vernon Jones, Gwen Keyes, and Stephanie Stuckey-Benfield. KymBerli was also featured in the hit motion pictures "Drumline", "The Fighting Temptations", "Dumb and Dumberer", "The Gospel", and "ATL".

She released her first album titled, "Spinning" in 2005, on Once it hit the internet, it was sold out in its first week! Listeners made rave reviews about the album because of its unique blend of Hip-hop, R&B and Soul. KymBerli wrote every song on the album and the lyrics are phenomenal! KymBerli was recently a featured artist on the radio station 91.9 THE BUZZ. Her singles “Sadly Mistaken” and “The Spinnin’ Remix” put her in the Top 20 most requested songs in Statesboro, GA and she has gained a mass amount of fans at Georgia Southern University.

She also was featured in the stage play “Finding the Right Ones” which was held at the Riverdale Town Center. KymBerli not only wrote 4 songs for the production, she also was the assistant director to Cycerli Ash and the main vocalist.
KymBerli Dee now holds the #5 spot in the R&B category on ReverbNation were she has over 800 fans on the site alone! She is currently working on completing her EP which will debut her latest recorded single “Wastin’ Time” and this single has recently been added to and! She continues to "wow" audiences where ever she performs! You can hear other samples of KymBerli’s music on numerous music sites such as Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CD Universe, Emusic, and more! Her single “Sadly Mistaken” can be heard on the Women In Charg3 radio Station which runs 24/7 via KymBerli says that her goal is to inspire others to follow their dreams and never give up. KymBerli also teaches youth and young adults artist development as well and expresses to them through her teaching that they can be successful in the entertainment industry without having to compromise their faith, dignity or character!

Feel free to visit the sites listed below to hear KymBerli’s music and to view her latest live performances. Just copy and paste into your browser!:​

Type in Keywords:"KymBerli Spinning Album" to hear other samples of KymBerli Dee's Music!

April 19th 2014- Celebrity judge for the first segment of the Atlanta Acting Academy's talent auditions

April 28th 2014- Made an appearance in Statesboro, GA for a radio interview on 91.9 THE BUZZ radio station​​​​​ with DJ SILK PANDA

May 7th 2014- Voted the #3 artist on Reverbnation in the R&B category​​

October 20th 2014- KymBerli Dee was the opening vocalist at the Riverdale Town Center for the theatrical production, "Finding The Right Ones"​​

October 27th 2014-KymBerli Dee was the opening vocalist at the Riverdale Town Center for the theatrical production, "Finding The Right​​ Ones"

Come see KymBerli Dee Perform at the WOMEN IN CHARG3 Awards Ceremony on September 5, 2015 at 6pm at the Marietta Performing Arts Center​​

​October 10th/December 10th 2015- Guest Interview on Marc My Words Radio Station, hosted by Marc Willis and with Co-host Lyn Liechty, based in the UK!​​ It was aired from 1pm-3pm Eastern Time, but 6pm-8pm for the UK time zone. There will be more interviews to come!

​​​​​​​September 3rd 2016- KymBerli Dee performed for the Mohagoni Roots "Live and Unchained" event at the the Spice Bistro​​​

October 1st 2016- KymBerli Dee performed for the Mohagoni Roots "Live and Unchained" event at the Spice Bistro​​
December 3rd 2016-​KymBerli Dee performed for the Mohagoni Roots "Live and Unchained" event at the Spice Bistro​​

December 22 2016-"Wastin Time" was featured on the "Food 4 Your Soul" radio show with India Hines​​ on 860AM WAEC

January 21st 2017-KymBerli Dee was the featured artist on​​

February 17 2017-​​"Wastin Time" was featured on the "Food 4 Your Soul" radio show with India Hines​​ on 860AM WAEC

March 4th 2017-KymBerli Dee was a featured vocalist for the "Soulful Saturday" event with at the TP Productions Dinner Theatre​​

April 8th 2017-KymBerli Dee was a featured vocalist for the "Soulful Saturday" event with at the TP Productions Dinner Theatre​​

The LIVE YOUR DREAMS SHOWCASE was a huge success! We had a packed house and we could not have done it without these gifted artists! April 22, 2017 will be a day to remember!








To book KymBerli Dee for performances or for a vocal training/artist development session, please call 404-839-6166 or email KymBerli Dee at


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TUNE IN ONLINE @ to hear KymBerli Dee's in studio interview with India Hines, June 27th, from 2p-3p! Or listen to 860 AM on your radio!